Stevie Nembo


Stevie Nembo is a meticulous Sales and Communications Executive, who undertakes complex assignments and meets tight deadlines with natural enthusiasm and optimism.
Nembo is holder of an Executive Bachelors in Business Administration (Hons), specialisation – communications and Public Relations from the European Business University-Munich Germany.
He is currently Sales Exec for a Munich based firm providing customer acquisition services, automated sales and marketing business process solutions. Steve is simultaneously incharge of the information department and the presenter of the programmes “Africa’s Corner” and “See Over Sea” on Afrika TV Radio.
Stevie is well conversant with News broadcasting, running Marketing Campaigns, information dissemination, Lead generation, Product Launches, Up Selling, Human Capital Management and cloud solutions, event Management and Corporate communication.
He also possess practical knowledge of News casting, field reporting, direction and narration of documentaries, production of radio and Television programmes, CRM solutions, like wise business development with multiple stakeholders.

Stevie Nembo´s background includes nearly 10 years of experience as a field Journalist/Reporter and Editor for both the public and private media organs.
Steve Nembo as Editor for SkyOne Radio expanded audience base by 69% in two years while producing documentaries for the Cameroon National Broadcasting and Television station (The CRTV).
As deputy editor-in-chief at SkyOne FM, Stevie ensured the scrupulous implementation and execution of the editorial policy and coordinated the English news department. In these positions he anchored the newscast, presented magazine programmes, co-produced documentaries and published articles for print media.

Stevie Nembo is a native English and French speaker with a working proficiency in German.
On a personal note, Stevie is energetic, enthusiastic, resilient self starter, a fast learner, action oriented, great team player committed to excellence and results.
Stevie always strives to create a climate in which people feel motivated to deploy their best. He is a good listener and can easily establish rapport with people from all walks of life. Stevie is also direct and diplomatic in resolving differences without damaging relationships.
You can contact him @ Tel: +49 (0) 151 71916495

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